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IRON MAIDEN Manager Comments On OSBOURNE Camp's 'Disgusting' And 'Unprofessional' Behavior

IRON MAIDEN's manager, Rod Smallwood of Sanctuary
Artist Management, has issued the following statement
regarding the band's final Ozzfest performance this
past weekend in Devore, CA:

"MAIDEN are currently returning from America and
preparing for U.K. festivals this weekend and don't
wish to waste time giving Sharon Osbourne's statement
the dignity of a reply. Considering the disgraceful
nature of the events that occurred they feel it's a
pretty dismal effort at self justification and they
don't think metal fans are at all gullible and that
they will easily see through it. They want no more to
do with this sorry incident and are very much looking
forward to headlining Reading and Leeds festivals this

"I would however like to add my own comment on this.

"In 30 years in this business and after attending
hundreds of gigs, l have never seen anything anywhere
near as disgusting and unprofessional as what went on
that night. I was standing on our sound desk out front
as usual but ran to the stage as soon as the hail of
missiles began and from then on watched from the front
of the stage right next to Bruce's walkway. The scale,
viciousness and concentration of the throwing made it
obvious that this was a premeditated and co-ordinated
attack. Assaulting musicians while performing by
throwing bottle tops, lighters and eggs at them from
just a few yards away is vile, dangerous, criminal and
cowardly. It is incredible that Ozzfest security
apparently did nothing about it — aren't they there to
protect the bands too? Especially when the band is
concentrating on a performance in front of 45,000
people and the missiles are coming out of the glare of
the spotlights. And to spit at a band on stage is

"IRON MAIDEN, like all the bands on Ozzfest, had to
sign quite onerous legal documents part of which was
promising not to throw anything into the audience,
even wristbands!!! Ironic isn't it.

"It is well documented on the web who was responsible
for planning and participating in this attack and for
musicians to join in this assault on other musicians
is a shocking disgrace akin to treachery. You should
all be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

"We know who authorised the making of the 'Ozzy -
Ozzy' chant tape the day before and how it was played
secretly through the PA at the very beginning and end
of our set.

"We also know who continually turned off the power
interrupting our set at crucial moments. It is a good
thing that the power was turned back on before there
was a riot as you could sense on stage a lot of the
huge audience were getting totally pissed off at this
continual onslaught on the band.

"The great majority of the Ozzfest crew throughout the
tour were terrific and we thank them. Those who
participated or stood idly by and watched as this all
went down should also be ashamed of themselves and l
would certainly hope they never come near a tour with
which we are involved.

"There is little point in my commenting on the chap
with the flag or their trying to hold up Eddie or
Sharon's speech as the audience made their feelings
very clear on each occasion.

"And in the end what was all this about?? If l had any
sort of problem or misunderstanding with a band
working on a tour we were involved in l would go and
talk to them or their manager - not wait until the end
of a tour and assault and ambush them. Or was that
really it?

"I find it staggering that this ambush would take
place in front of any audience, let alone in San
Bernardino, the biggest audience of the tour. Didn't
that audience merit any consideration? They pay an
awful lot to be there in terms of prices for tickets,
parking, food, beer etc. Surely if they spend this
sort of money they deserve to watch the bands they
paid to see be able to put in a full unhindered
performance. Free of danger and intimidation. If I had
paid I would ask for my money back!

"And this audience really were outstanding, giving the
band incredible support and many voting with their
feet in disgust after the set and the speech, which to
many was the final insult.

"I have to say l was immensely proud of MAIDEN who
stood up to it all and showed great courage and just
got better and better through the adversity. Their
heads never dropped, instead they went on the
offensive. It was a truly memorable moment when Bruce
went to the very front of the stage during 'Trooper' —
something which he never normally does as he is
usually on the ramps — waving the flag whilst avoiding
the hail of missiles and yelling 'This is a fucking
British flag, and these colours don't fucking run!'
The imperturbable attitude and ability of the band
shone through and in the end made this a truly
remarkable rock and roll event, even if for all the
wrong reasons.

"We will have no more to say on this matter except
that l do think the band deserve an apology from a
number of people, and you know who you are."
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