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Battle for Ozzfest [entries|friends|calendar]
Battle for Ozzfest

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Ozzfest August 16th 2007 [19 Aug 2007|02:49am]


A man was carried off by security at Ozzfest on Thursday.

Two men died and 83 people were arrested on Thursday at the Ozzfest concert in Holmdel, N.J., as the New Jersey State Police have stepped up security at the PNC Bank Arts Center to combat under-age drinking.
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Music Review | Ozzfest: Stoking Metal’s Fire in the Heat of Summer (August 18, 2007)

Raymond Guarino, 26, of Forked River, N.J., and Patrick Norris, 24, of Coram, N.Y., collapsed at the concert and both suffered cardiac arrest. They were pronounced dead at Bayshore Medical Center in Holmdel. Friends of the men said that they had taken cocaine, marijuana and alcohol, said Sgt. Stephen Jones, a police spokesman.

The police have made a total of 229 arrests at concerts at the center over the last week, including Ozzfest. Most on Thursday were for under-age drinking, with some for drugs and disorderly conduct; 18 of those arrested were under the age of 18. Under-age drinking in the parking lot has been a persistent problem at the center, and yesterday the police banned alcohol in the parking lot but said that patrons could still buy it inside, where vendors can check for identification.

Live Nation, which books concerts at the center, said in a statement yesterday that it would cooperate with the authorities, but that patrolling the parking lot was not its responsibility.

“Although we do not have jurisdiction over the parking lot,” the statement said in part, “we fully support the decision of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority and State Police to ban alcohol on the parking lot premises.”

State Assemblywoman Amy H. Handlin, a Republican whose district includes the arts center, has been pushing for tighter enforcement of alcohol laws since a Gwen Stefani concert there in May at which more than a dozen people under 21 were taken to hospitals for alcohol-related illnesses. She said she had written a letter earlier this week to the state police, the Turnpike Authority and Live Nation, urging them to take greater steps to keep young people from drinking.

“Vigorous law enforcement is necessary but not sufficient,” Ms. Handlin said, “and to make a dent in the under-age drinking issue will take intensive community education as well as parental reinforcement.”

While deaths are not unheard of at large rock festivals, they are unusual at outdoor spaces like the PNC Bank Arts Center, which opened in 1968 as the Garden State Arts Center and has a capacity of 17,500. A spokesman for the Turnpike Authority said that the two deaths on Thursday, when attendance was just over 13,000, were believed to be the center’s first.

Nate Schweber contributed reporting.

This is what I have to say about this... I think people are idiots & they fucking ruin everything! A friend of mine was kicked in the face & it ruined he & another friend of mine's time because they had to go home. I can't understand why people can't go to concerts & just enjoy themselves instead of hurting themselves & others. I think people who OD by accident at concerts are assholes too. I also think cops ruin everything. The security at Ozzfest were a bunch of douchbags. We were treated like garbage & I am never going back to PNC Arts Center for another show.
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Nevermind about tickets to Ozzfest Camden [18 Aug 2007|12:44am]

Someone snatched them up so I don't have anymore tickets to Ozzfest Camden anymore! Oh well! You snooze, you lose..
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Camden Ozzfest Wednesday August 22nd [17 Aug 2007|02:16pm]

Hey everyone! I have 4 free tickets to Ozzfest in Camden for next Wednesday, August 22nd! If anyone wants them please let me know!
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[06 Sep 2005|07:20pm]

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BRUCE DICKINSON: Everyone Knows SHARON OSBOURNE Was Behind OZZFEST Fiasco [26 Aug 2005|04:58pm]

The U.K.'s The Sun Online paper spoke to IRON MAIDEN
vocalist Bruce Dickinson about the group's ill-fated
final Ozzfest performance in San Berardino and their
future plans. Read on:

The Sun Online: Why is Reading so special?

Bruce Dickinson: "It's where I was asked to join the
band and it's also the first festival I ever went to
in my life and also played. And this year it will be a
big one, I promise and yes we'll be nervous."

The Sun Online: You're playing just the four albums on
this tour because of "The Early Years" DVD Part One?
Will there be a Part Two?

Bruce Dickinson: "Yes, Part Two will be based around
'Live After Death' and 'Powerslave' and 'Somewhere in
Time' and we have started working on it. The plan is
to do what will be our biggest, most spectacular tour
we have ever done. The 'Powerslave' era was the one
that had all the toys. It had the massive Eddie, the
huge mechanical hands and Ancient Egypt. And we want
to recreate the whole deal."

The Sun Online: You've ridden out every rock music
trend and almost every band throughout has cited you
as an influence. Why?

Bruce Dickinson: "Yes that's weird isn't it? It's
because we've never compromised. MAIDEN is about
loyalty and pride and doing what you believe in and
sticking with your beliefs. It's a bit like people who
follow football teams. They sign up for a football
team and support them all their lives even if they
lose. That's us, and our fans are part of our gang."

The Sun Online: Ozzfest, Reading and Leeds are all
about new fans. Why are they important?

Bruce Dickinson: "People who are as old as I am are
generally not that fun to play to. I know there'll be
people reading this saying 'It's not true,' but
47-year-olds don't rock like 15-year-olds. They go
absolutely mental and that's what keeps us going. We
are playing songs approaching 25 years old and yet we
have the youngest audience."

The Sun Online: So what happened when you went on
stage at Ozzfest?

Bruce Dickinson: "We were hit by a co-ordinated
barrage of bottle tops, lighters and eggs from a
certain section at the front! Then the power for the
PA and backline was completely pulled three or four
times during songs. The band held it all together
incredibly though and we just got really pumped up. It
ended up being an amazing show. MAIDEN can pretty much
deal with anything. We don’t get fazed too easily."

The Sun Online: Who do you think was behind it all?

Bruce Dickinson: "Everyone knows it's Sharon Osbourne.
It's certainly not Ozzy or SABBATH — they have too
much class to condone stunts like that. She hates me
for making remarks about reality TV. I hate reality
TV. People should get off their arses and do stuff and
not be so voyeuristic."

The Sun Online: Her stunts seemed to backfire as you
played a magnificent set and soon after, thousands
walked out in disgust?

Bruce Dickinson: "We left for the airport pretty well
straight after we came off but we could tell there
were a lot of disgusted fans who had paid good money
to see us. The audience was incredibly behind us all
the way and they really lifted us. If they hadn't been
happy, there may have been a riot as those fans were
really disgusted with the cowardly attacks."

The Sun Online: Did you enjoy the Rockwalk of Fame
presentation and what does it mean to you?

Bruce Dickinson: "Well it's very American but behind
it there are all these fans that are really into it
and have all turned up. It's great. We are very proud
of that day, though we ended up with filthy hands. It
was great that Eddie rightfully got a handprint too."

The Sun Online: You left the band in 1993. Is it
something you regret?

Bruce Dickinson: "Hindsight is a wonderful thing. When
I left I had no intention of coming back but in the
intervening period, I ended up becoming a much better
singer than I was before, certainly live. And coming
back into the band I had a hell of lot more energy
than in the two or years before I left and I stayed
with it. I also came back with a determination that
I'm never going to walk on stage again doing something
I don't want to do as it's soul-destroying and eats
you up."

The Sun Online: How does MAIDEN fit in with family

Bruce Dickinson: "Well, we get to run around like a
lunatic and play music and my kids can come and watch.
My 15- and 13-year-olds were in the front row at our
New York gig, in the mosh pit. I suddenly saw these
four security guards jump in and hold someone down. I
thought they had my kids but then I looked and saw
their little faces, sweating and screaming and I was
ready to dive in."

The Sun Online: And next for MAIDEN?

Bruce Dickinson: "We have the live album 'Death on the
Road' out on Monday with a DVD to follow and then we
record the new studio album next spring, which will be
out next autumn. First we have the special fundraising
Hammersmith Odeon show next week. It's for our old
drummer Clive Burr's Multiple Sclerosis Trust Fund.
I'm really looking forward to it. It will top off an
amazing year which included a show in Sweden, where we
played to 56,000 and were broadcast live to 20million

The Sun Online: And next for you?

Bruce Dickinson: "I go back to my 6 Music radio show
and my job as an airline pilot. It's a proper,
straightforward, regular job. I had to book holidays
for the tour. I was straight off stage at Ozzfest to
hightail it to LAX airport."
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SHARON OSBOURNE Issues 'Open Letter' To IRON MAIDEN's Manager [26 Aug 2005|03:53am]

Sharon Osbourne has issued the following "open letter"
to IRON MAIDEN manager Rod Smallwood:


"I found your statement to be completely void of the
facts that led up to Saturday's show. Your press
release was written like an old-time '80s manager,
trying to use every opportunity to try and sell the
record and the upcoming shows instead of just dealing
with the truth.

"These are the facts:

"You claim to have been in the business for 30 years
and have been to hundreds of gigs, but can you tell me
how many times you have heard of an opening band
talking sh*t about the headliner during their set and
getting away with it? Not only is Ozzy the headliner,
but he is also the man who is paying your band
$185,000 a night. We gave IRON MAIDEN a chance to play
to the biggest audiences they have ever played to in
the U.S.A. We accommodated them with their stage set
and at the band's request we even scoured the audience
for people wearing IRON MAIDEN t-shirts and brought
them down front during their set to make them feel
more comfortable. Tell me, what other headliner would
do that? Unfortunately those gestures were completely
lost on Bruce Dickinson who for over 20 shows
continually berated Ozzy and Ozzfest during his set.

"Over the last 10 years of Ozzfest, we have worked
with over 200 bands. None of them were ever
disrespectful to Ozzy or any of the other bands on the
tour. But for 20 shows we were forced to hear
Dickinson's nightly outbursts from the stage: 'When we
come back to America, we'll be back with a proper
sound system,' or "We won't be playing the same old
songs every night (like SABBATH),' 'We don't need a
teleprompter (like Ozzy)' and 'We don't need a reality
show to be legit (again, like Ozzy).' Night after
night we heard his complaints from the stage about how
'corporate' the venues were and how 'outrageous' the
ticket prices were. Strangely enough, if you want to
get a general admission ticket to stand in a field to
see IRON MAIDEN at Reading this weekend it's going to
cost you over $120. I would say that's very pricey,
wouldn't you?

"When an artist comes on stage and says he's not
playing the 55 minutes that he was allotted and that
he is going to play for as long as he wants (cutting
into SABBATH's set), I'm not going to let that happen.
Dickinson was under the delusion that the 46,000
people in San Bernardino had come only to see IRON
MAIDEN. He even proclaimed 'This is not the Ozzfest,
This is Maidenfest.' I guess no one told him that we
have an audience of 45,000 to 53,000 people every year
in San Bernardino.

"Here's another fact for you. Bruce Dickinson's own
band was embarrassed by him. IRON MAIDEN leader, Steve
Harris, even came to Ozzy's dressing room to apologize
to Ozzy for Bruce's behavior before MAIDEN took the
stage in San Bernardino.

"It's shameful that Dickinson felt he had the right to
air his issues publicly onstage every night as a way
to boost his own ego. Dickinson never once came up to
Ozzy and me to voice any concerns. He certainly had
the opportunity to do so every night. If he wasn't
able to show us that courtesy then why should I give
him the respect to air my grievances with him in
private? Ozzy's only interaction with Dickinson was on
the first night of the tour. Ozzy, being the true
gentleman that he is, passed Bruce in the hall and
said 'Good luck and have a great show.' Unfortunately
Dickinson felt the need to turn his back to Ozzy and
walked away. Frankly, Dickinson got what he deserved.
We had to listen to his bullsh*t for five straight
weeks. He only had to suffer a couple of eggs on the

"On closing, yes, I did cut IRON MAIDEN's sound. This
is the way I look at it: Ozzfest is our tour. We built
it into something that's lasted 10 years now. We've
been responsible for breaking many new bands and
resurrecting the careers of former superstars. Part of
our success stems from the fact that when a band is on
Ozzfest we treat them with nothing but kindness and
respect just as if we had invited them into our home.
You can ask all of the bands who have been on the
tour. They all describe it as the 'ultimate summer
camp.' It's like one big family. Unfortunately
Dickinson doesn't have the manners to realize that
when you are invited into someone's home, are seated
at their dinner table, are eating their food and
drinking their wine, you shouldn't talk
disrespectfully about them (Ozzy, BLACK SABBATH and
Ozzfest), otherwise you just might get your ass handed
to you. Every action has a reaction. Was Dickinson so
naïve to think that I was going to let him get away
with talking sh*t about my family night after night? I
don't think he realizes who he's dealing with. I will
not endure behavior like this from anyone.

"I know you would love to keep talking about this
because this is the most press that IRON MAIDEN has
had in the U.S. in twenty years, but let's move on,
shall we?


"The 'Real' Iron Maiden

"Sharon Osbourne"
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IRON MAIDEN Manager Comments On OSBOURNE Camp's 'Disgusting' And 'Unprofessional' Behavior [26 Aug 2005|03:53am]

IRON MAIDEN's manager, Rod Smallwood of Sanctuary
Artist Management, has issued the following statement
regarding the band's final Ozzfest performance this
past weekend in Devore, CA:

"MAIDEN are currently returning from America and
preparing for U.K. festivals this weekend and don't
wish to waste time giving Sharon Osbourne's statement
the dignity of a reply. Considering the disgraceful
nature of the events that occurred they feel it's a
pretty dismal effort at self justification and they
don't think metal fans are at all gullible and that
they will easily see through it. They want no more to
do with this sorry incident and are very much looking
forward to headlining Reading and Leeds festivals this

"I would however like to add my own comment on this.

"In 30 years in this business and after attending
hundreds of gigs, l have never seen anything anywhere
near as disgusting and unprofessional as what went on
that night. I was standing on our sound desk out front
as usual but ran to the stage as soon as the hail of
missiles began and from then on watched from the front
of the stage right next to Bruce's walkway. The scale,
viciousness and concentration of the throwing made it
obvious that this was a premeditated and co-ordinated
attack. Assaulting musicians while performing by
throwing bottle tops, lighters and eggs at them from
just a few yards away is vile, dangerous, criminal and
cowardly. It is incredible that Ozzfest security
apparently did nothing about it — aren't they there to
protect the bands too? Especially when the band is
concentrating on a performance in front of 45,000
people and the missiles are coming out of the glare of
the spotlights. And to spit at a band on stage is

"IRON MAIDEN, like all the bands on Ozzfest, had to
sign quite onerous legal documents part of which was
promising not to throw anything into the audience,
even wristbands!!! Ironic isn't it.

"It is well documented on the web who was responsible
for planning and participating in this attack and for
musicians to join in this assault on other musicians
is a shocking disgrace akin to treachery. You should
all be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

"We know who authorised the making of the 'Ozzy -
Ozzy' chant tape the day before and how it was played
secretly through the PA at the very beginning and end
of our set.

"We also know who continually turned off the power
interrupting our set at crucial moments. It is a good
thing that the power was turned back on before there
was a riot as you could sense on stage a lot of the
huge audience were getting totally pissed off at this
continual onslaught on the band.

"The great majority of the Ozzfest crew throughout the
tour were terrific and we thank them. Those who
participated or stood idly by and watched as this all
went down should also be ashamed of themselves and l
would certainly hope they never come near a tour with
which we are involved.

"There is little point in my commenting on the chap
with the flag or their trying to hold up Eddie or
Sharon's speech as the audience made their feelings
very clear on each occasion.

"And in the end what was all this about?? If l had any
sort of problem or misunderstanding with a band
working on a tour we were involved in l would go and
talk to them or their manager - not wait until the end
of a tour and assault and ambush them. Or was that
really it?

"I find it staggering that this ambush would take
place in front of any audience, let alone in San
Bernardino, the biggest audience of the tour. Didn't
that audience merit any consideration? They pay an
awful lot to be there in terms of prices for tickets,
parking, food, beer etc. Surely if they spend this
sort of money they deserve to watch the bands they
paid to see be able to put in a full unhindered
performance. Free of danger and intimidation. If I had
paid I would ask for my money back!

"And this audience really were outstanding, giving the
band incredible support and many voting with their
feet in disgust after the set and the speech, which to
many was the final insult.

"I have to say l was immensely proud of MAIDEN who
stood up to it all and showed great courage and just
got better and better through the adversity. Their
heads never dropped, instead they went on the
offensive. It was a truly memorable moment when Bruce
went to the very front of the stage during 'Trooper' —
something which he never normally does as he is
usually on the ramps — waving the flag whilst avoiding
the hail of missiles and yelling 'This is a fucking
British flag, and these colours don't fucking run!'
The imperturbable attitude and ability of the band
shone through and in the end made this a truly
remarkable rock and roll event, even if for all the
wrong reasons.

"We will have no more to say on this matter except
that l do think the band deserve an apology from a
number of people, and you know who you are."
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CA Ozzfest [22 Aug 2005|12:09am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

BLABBERMOUTH.NET has received a number of e-mails regarding last night's (August 20) Ozzfest concert in Devore (near San Bernardino), California, which reportedly included an on-stage appearance following IRON MAIDEN's set by Sharon Osbourne during which she called MAIDEN vocalist Bruce Dickinson a "prick." The following report was submitted by David Priest, editor-in-chief of On Track Magazine:

"Last night's [August 20] headlining performance of IRON MAIDEN at Ozzfest in San Bernardino, CA rendered some interesting, if not disturbing, results. Although MAIDEN played one hell of a show, they were under attack from the moment they began their set. From the time they hit the stage, they suffered power loss on at least three occasions and they were continuously pelted with ice, bottle caps, and eggs, among other things. Vocalist Bruce Dickinson was even spit on by one attendee. He seemed to believe these occurrences were not by accident and insinuated that they had been planned from the beginning of the night [Download MP3 files of Bruce's on-stage rants at last night's Ozzfest: Bruce#1, Bruce#2]. He also encouraged the other audience members to break the arm of anyone that they saw throwing things their way. Upon concluding their performance, the emcee for the evening began to chant Ozzy, Ozzy while Bruce was still speaking. Bruce retaliated by chanting MAIDEN. After he left the stage, Sharon Osbourne took over the mic and informed the crowd that they absolutely loved IRON MAIDEN and their crew and stated that they were all wonderful but that their singer Bruce Dickinson was a prick and had disrespected Ozzfest since they began their stint with the touring summer festival [Download MP3 file of Sharon's anti-Bruce rant at this location]. This, of course, came as a shock to those of us in attendance and the there was ample confusion and speculation from audience members there after. As previously announced, last night's show marked the final performance of IRON MAIDEN on this year's Ozzfest. VELVET REVOLVER will be taking over their slot on the last remaining dates."

Here's the article itself...

What do you think?

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[11 Aug 2005|08:06pm]

Just got back from Ozzfest you guys!
It fuckin' rocked!
A Dozen Furies was awesome, I met with them and they signed my CBGB shirt and the CD I got..
Killswitch Engage kicked major ass! I love those guys
Rob Zombie was amazing!! Truely amazing! That guy is hilarious and the crowd went wild.

I must say, this was a great year to start my years at Ozzfest!!
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GOING TO SEE OZZFEST! [08 Aug 2005|07:39pm]

I'm going to Ozzfest this Thursday!
To all else whos gone, how was it?
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Ad for another group [06 Aug 2005|05:55pm]

Calling Randy Rhoads Fans!

Join Us!
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Knights Of The Abyss [02 Aug 2005|06:26pm]


For anyone in the AZ area! You should check em out..

Crate Gx 220 Halfstack $400 (220 Watts LOUD)

$400 Owned since 2000. NEVER GIGGED. Played in various living rooms garages etc. Good Condition. Head is 220 watts LOUD and keeps great tone. Best-sounding solid-state at high volume. Great for any style of music. Three channels CLEAN, CRUNCH 1(Classicrock/Blues) and CRUNCH 2 (Highly compressed Metal Distortion). The cabinet is Crate as well, 300 watts handling (plenty of headroom). I just got new gear so this has to go. I live in Glendale, az. For more info call Cody @ 602 743 9264

Selling by Cody of Knights of the Abyss.
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Saturday - July 30 - The Bomb Shelter - Manchester, NH - TRAUMA CONCEPT [27 Jul 2005|12:29pm]
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[02 Jul 2005|12:23am]


Alriiiight, who's all going to support A Dozen Furies at Ozzfest this year!? Or has anybody already gone? I'd love to hear about it if you have!!

I wonder if they're already coming up with a new season! I sure hope so, I loved it! And on a completely different note, I found this hilarious game that you should all check out, it cracks me up! Daquiri's and Shotguns don't mix!!

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[21 Jun 2005|04:17pm]

Just out of curiousity everyone on here knows that CYnder had to change there name to cyn right??
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[21 Jun 2005|01:09pm]

Did you guys hear that Chelsea isn't in Final Drive anymore? They didn't say what happened, just that she's been replaced. I'm glad I got to see them twice.
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[10 Apr 2005|08:55pm]

just now found this on here so here is my introduction
im brian
i used to manage cynder.. well now called CYN about 4 yrs ago back when i lived in asheboro now im in raleigh and its fawkin awesome that they are all famous and shit now so way to go for them and um who else on here is a local NC or raleigh Kid
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Curious [07 Apr 2005|12:36am]

Is anyone going to be going to any of the Battle for Ozzfest tour stops? That sounds like it's going to be a great show, but I'm unable to make it. =(

And also, how many of you are planning to go to Ozzfest this year? There are some awesome bands lined up, I can't wait!

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Hey All! I met Ozzy on Tuesday! [26 Mar 2005|12:40am]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey everybody! I went to Tower Records in Greenwich Village, NYC on Tuesday & my Dad, my friend Liz, & I got Ozzy's new boxset. We each recieved a pass to get our photos taken with Ozzy!!! Check it out!

Ozzy & Dad
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ozzy & Liz
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ozzy & Me!!!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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[10 Mar 2005|07:28pm]

here are some flyers for the battle for ozzfest tour. they were made by a dozen furies so thats why it has them on it. i don't know if anyone would like to use them but if they do here they are...just add the venue/date/time and all that info in the blank spot

Full size flyer:

4 per page:
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